Winter Fruit and Veg

Winter is a fabulous season in the sub-tropical garden. Nights are cool and mornings are brisk – refreshing the body and the revitalizing soul. The days can be reasonably warm but not too hot to wilt you or the garden. Low humidity and a little rain… Ahhh, just perfect!

It’s a busy time of year. Ideal time for many crops that can’t be grown in colder parts of the country such as tomatoes, eggplants, chillies and capsicums (a lot of the Solanaceae family I just noticed) as well as carrots and zucchini; though the zucchini has recently given up the ghost. Perhaps I was a bit optimistic there. These veg ripen a little slower in the winter but hey, that’s ok. I must say the best thing of all is, unlike summer, we don’t have to battle with fruit fly. Hooray!! How good is that!

IMG_0890 (1024x786)

I don’t mind sharing….much.

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