Cultivating the Soil and the Mind

This post is my monthly veggie patch update written as part of the Garden Share Collective. The GSC is hosted by Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy and Kate from Rosehips and Rhubarb. The theme this month is philosophy.

‘The garden is not simply a retreat or source of physical exercise. It is intellectually stimulating in its own right, because it is a fusion of two fundamental philosophical principles: humanity and nature.’     –   Damon Young


Can you tell I’ve been reading  Philosophy in the Garden? ..worth reading. My gardening philosophy however is not so profound!

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Ups and Downs

Our cottage is on 5 acres of steeply sloping land.

Living on a steep block of land does have some advantages: great views, cool breeze flows through the house in the summer….and…um…it’s an advantage to be on high ground in a battle??



View from the back porch


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Wicking Beds

As I’m away 3 days a week, looking after a veggie patch could be a problem. How was I going to keep the patch watered during hot, dry spells while I’m in Brisbane? Our answer to this was to build wicking beds.

Wicking beds are raised beds that have a water reservoir below them. The reservoir is kept topped up and the soil and the plants access the water they need through capillary action. This method not only keeps the soil moist while I’m not there, it is also water efficient. As we are not on town water – relying on rain water tanks – saving water is very important.

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