Birds in the Garden 4

It’s been aaaaages since I’ve posted some pictures of birds in our garden! I must admit, it’s getting harder and harder to photograph the more elusive ones.

However, we do have 8 more pics to share.

Bird bath

Little birds enjoy the bird baths and hiding among the grasses

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Fruit & Veg in June

In the sub-tropics this is the best time of year to grow veggies. They grow well and it’s great weather to be outside gardening. We’re enjoying growing the usual favourites as well as some vegetables we haven’t successfully grown before.

Exclusion nets

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Post Cyclone Debbie

Last month Cyclone Debbie wreaked havoc on the Whitsunday Coast, Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef. Devastating for that area!

By the time Debbie had blustered her way down to us on the Sunshine Coast, she’d been downgraded to a tropical storm. We were very fortunate to escape with relatively minor damage from the heavy rain and strong winds.

South-East Queensland - Bureau of Meteorology

As reported in The Brisbane Times, South-East Queensland was battered by high winds and received a drenching.  Schools were closed for two days (Yay!) and workers were encouraged to stay home. Image: Bureau of Meteorology. 30th March 2017

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Harvest is the theme for this month’s Garden Share Collective update. Thank you Kate from Rosehips & Rhubarb and Kyristie from A Fresh Legacy for hosting the GSC. In the garden we know it’s the end of November because the poinciana tree is beginning to flower. And in the veggie patch, eggplants and cucumbers are in abundance.


Poinciana flowers – A sign that Christmas is on the way!


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