I’m Sal. Wife, mum – of two boys in their 20s – and fanatical gardener.

I work three days a week in Brisbane, and live the other four days at our little cottage on five acres in the Noosa Hinterland, Queensland, Australia. Five acres… well most of it is way too steep to use, but it does give us a fabulous view.

This little blog documents the fun we have as we move towards retirement and a simpler life. It provides me with an opportunity to share my exploits in our sub-tropical garden: what fruit and veg I’m growing, experimenting with garden beds, and checking out the local flora and fauna.

I’m not a gardening expert by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve had a good share of failures along with some successes. However, I enjoy researching, experimenting, and laughing and learning from my mistakes…. hence the name ‘The Squeaky Wheelbarrow’.

Many similar blogs that have a veggie patch segment also have a recipe section. Not this one. Although I’m a very good recipe follower, I’m a lousy recipe creator. (I have a hidden fear that I’m a bit of a Letitia Cropley – you know, the old woman on The Vicar of Dibley who creates bizarre, inedible food for all to try). This also is a reason I’m a bit of a squeaky wheelbarrow!

          – Sal   x

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