Birds in the Garden 4

It’s been aaaaages since I’ve posted some pictures of birds in our garden! I must admit, it’s getting harder and harder to photograph the more elusive ones.

However, we do have 8 more pics to share.

Bird bath

Little birds enjoy the bird baths and hiding among the grasses

Eastern whipbird:  Love this bird! The signature ‘whipcrack’ call by the male and soft ‘wi-choo’ response by the female is a delight. And check out the fab crest on his head! We have a male whipbird that is obsessed with the cars. He sees his reflection and attacks them daily. Luckily neither he, nor the cars, seem to suffer too much.

Pied butcherbird:  Being found nearly all over Australia the good old pied butcher bird is perhaps undervalued in the garden. It’s an aggressive eater of large bugs (yay I say!), and has one of the most beautiful melodious voices.

Australian brush- turkey:  Sorry but I can’t love these guys! Breaking branches off fruit trees, digging up plants with their strong claws and pinching mulch to make their large mounds in which they incubate their eggs.  Wild looking fellows but so destructive!

Grey fantail:  Quite the acrobat with a constantly fanned tail. This agile little fellow dives and swoops as it chases flying insects to eat. The grey fantail’s nest has a long tapering stem like a wine-glass. Now that’s cool.

Brown honeyeater:  With such a name, he sounds rather drab but I think those chest feathers are quite beautiful!

Sulphur-crested cockatoo:  Not the greatest photo, but surprisingly, this is the only time we’ve had a sulphur-crested cockatoo in the garden. He landed on the bird feeders, snapped off the huge brick of seeds, and took off never to be seen again.

Superb fairy-wren:  Can’t get much prettier that this. Though me running around the garden with my camera as he quickly darted in and out of the bushes was perhaps just as entertaining!

Golden Whistler:  Another pretty bird  –  the males anyway. As the name suggests, he has a rich, melodious whistle.

There are some other birds I really want to photograph. One in particular is the green catbird. I hear it early in the morning but just can’t find it! The challenge continues.







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