When not planting…

Thankfully, last Tuesday we had the first decent fall of rain for this year. A very, very welcome 83mm. It may not seem much, but it’s been a long wait and we hope it’s the beginning of some regular falls for at least a short while. Fingers crossed.

IMG_1526 (2)

So, what have we been up to this very hot, dry summer? Sadly, the heat and having to truck water in to fill our tanks twice already this season has limited our activities. Due to lack of water, planting new veggie crops and adding to garden beds has not happened. The shade house and cuttings table are chock-a-block waiting for some cooler, wet weather.

cuttings table

Cuttings table

shade house

Shade house

As the summer veggies have finished, or in some cases haven’t survived the hot winds, we have not replanted. Rationing our water has meant giving preference to the fruit trees rather than the veggie patch. So, for the first time we have pretty much 6 empty veggie beds!

empty v beds

Empty beds…..a sad sight!

Time has been spent taking cuttings and hardscaping. Replacing garden bed borders and building steps on steep pathways has been happening. Also, we were given a huge, rough sawn log which I hope will soon become garden seating. Really looking forward to that!

pathway steps

Many of the fruit trees, particularly citrus, have struggled in the dry weather. Bugs have constantly attacked the stressed trees. Despite this, we’ve had a go at forming espalier apple and pear trees. Not having done this before, has anyone got some advice or suggestions re good books on espalier?

espalier apple

Little espalier tropical apple tree

With a bit of luck more rain, full tanks and cooler weather are just around the corner. If so, we can begin to think about planting soon. Here’s hoping!


God bless succulents during dry weather!



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