It’s difficult having only rain water tanks to service the house and a large garden.


The household water supply comes from a large cement tank attached to the house. With most of the tank buried deep in the ground the water is always lovely and cool. The garden water needs are supplied by a large above ground tank attached to the shed. Although with careful rationing these tanks are adequate through most of the year, when the weather warms up and/or the rains don’t come (like now), we have to revert to buying truck loads of water to get by.

Of course the garden would flourish so much more if we had an abundant water supply. For this reason we have investigated building a dam but have been told, more than once, being in ‘land-slip country’ it’s not possible.

We then explored the possibility of drilling a bore. After speaking to the experts, finding there were other successful bores on nearby properties and having a water diviner pick the best possible site, yesterday we bought in the boys with their big toys. It was very exciting to watch these guys work their monster rig.


Sadly, less than 4 hours later and with a hole 72 metres deep, we had to call it quits. As we weren’t even finding basalt which is likely to hold water, the rig owner advised us to stop. (He drilled an extra 12 metres for free because he felt sorry for us!) As they say, finding water is not an exact science and we knew there was a risk of it being unsuccessful, but it’s still very disheartening. All we have for the effort and cost is a mess and the question: what do we do now?


All that’s left: lots of gravelly stuff and an arbour that had to be removed.




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