Birds In The Garden 3

We know it’s October in Queensland when the jacarandas come into bloom. The honeyeaters move from the fading callistemons and melaleucas to the gorgeous purple flowers of the jacarandas.

Here are some other birds we found in the garden this month:


Wonga pigeon   A ground dweller that walks long distances along defined tracks. He may be shy but he does have groovy underpants!

White-headed pigeon   This large pigeon prefers to eat fruit from introduced camphor laurel trees. Unfortunately for this fella it is believed the revegetation of natural bushlands means his numbers in some places have decreased.

Scarlet honeyeaters   The male is a very pretty bright red and black bird. Sadly the female is a rather dull brown colour. These little birds are residents here in Queensland – unlike those south of Sydney which seasonally migrate.

Spangled drongo   Love the glossy black feathers with the iridescent blue-green sparkles! A migratory bird that can travel as far as Indonesia and New Guinea.

White-cheeked honeyeater  A pretty, medium sized nectar feeder that loves to hang out in the callistemons.

Noisy friarbird   What can I say? – Missing out on the good looks and having a rather harsh ‘honking’ call, this large honeyeater is a little scary.

Pied currawong   One of our tomato thieves! They also eat lizards, caterpillars, berries and even small or young birds…better they eat our tomatoes than baby birds.

So, there we have another 8 birds shot (with the camera) in our garden. Looking forward to finding the next 8.



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