Ups and Downs

Our cottage is on 5 acres of steeply sloping land.

Living on a steep block of land does have some advantages: great views, cool breeze flows through the house in the summer….and…um…it’s an advantage to be on high ground in a battle??



View from the back porch


Gardening on a steep block of land also has  advantages. It adds interest to the landscape, and walking/climbing up and down hills all day saves you the cost of a gym membership. On the other hand, it can be  challenging. Due to the slope and the camber of the land, it’s not always possible to drive a mower and tractor, or cart a wheelbarrow where you want to go. Often it means just carrying tools, tubs of mulch, compost and the like…

down slopes…


up slopes…


up and down steps…

and around paths.


Rocks, sleepers, gabions, geotextile and coir logs are all used to manage the slope.


It all makes for an interesting garden and I wouldn’t  have it any other way. Today anyway.



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