Birds In The Garden 2

I’m enjoying taking photos of birds around the garden. Some can be found in amongst the garden beds while others are a little harder to find in the woodland/overgrown weedy areas.


Little Wattlebird  This noisy honeyeater is very aggressive. He patrols his beat flying from callistemon, to banksia to grevillea frightening away as many other honeyeaters as he can. Luckily we have quite a few such trees and all the birds still get a look in.

Pale-headed rosella  Delighted to see this fellow in the garden. Often foraging among grasses and in the shadows they can be difficult to find.

Red-browed finch  One of the few little Australian birds that can be attracted to a bird feeder. Our visitors arrive in pairs. They take it in turns keeping lookout while the other nibbles on seeds.

Bar-shouldered dove  These large, striking birds feed on the ground in short grass. They need to drink throughout the day and I think this attracts them to our bird baths.

Eastern yellow robin  Love these little fellas because they eat insects and spiders….also they’re very cute!

Jacky winter  I think this is a jacky winter (do let me know if you think otherwise). He was darting about as a flycatcher does but I’m not sure. The little white eye line also makes me think he is. Jacky winters have a lovely little whistle but he was too busy to sing to me.

Lewin’s honeyeater  Despite his name, this character also eats insects, small fruit and berries (he’s eyeing off our blueberries I think). But a lot of the callistemons are flowering at the moment and these honeyeaters just can’t resist!

Pheasant coucal  A hard fellow to photograph as he’s often found deep in weedy thickets. Coucals mate for life and, unlike other Australian cuckoos, build their own nests. I love this large bird’s deep ‘oop-oop-oop’ song.

I’m enjoying the challenge of finding more birds who’ll let us take their pic. Hope to post some more photographs when I can.


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