This post is my first of a monthly garden update written as part of The Garden Share Collective. (Feeling a little shy and nervous here!) The Garden Share Collective is a group of passionate gardeners who come together each month to share the happenings in their veggie garden. It is hosted by Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy and Kate from Rosehip and Rhubarb. The theme this month is Seeds.

seed box (1).JPG

Getting ready for next season

To know you’ve raised a plant from a little seed is very rewarding. It’s economical. It provides a greater variety of plants –  especially heirloom varieties. It’s sometimes necessary (some plants, like carrots and radishes, don’t like being transplanted but prefer being planted as seeds directly in the garden). It’s easy. Some plants, like dill, just self-seed. So, what’s to dislike about planting seeds? Of course there’s being impatient. And there’s being unorganized so the seeds don’t get planted in time. But hey, we do our best. And most of all, it’s fun.

It’s been quite warm in SE Queensland of late so my summer seed planning and planting has begun. Watermelon, rockmelon, cucumber, celery, some chillies, and a variety of herbs are hopefully germinating as we speak. But wouldn’t you know it, since sowing seeds we’ve had some pretty cold weather. Perhaps I should have been a little more cautious and waited a week or two. Oh well, time will tell.

Finally, talking about our veggie gardens and sharing its produce can plant the seed of an idea in others: If you can grow fresh produce, I might give it a crack too!

What’s Growing now:

  • Fruit trees: lemons, limes, blood orange, peach, olive, blueberries are all in flower
  • Hoping capsicums will be producing fruit before the summer heat begins and the dreaded fruit fly arrive
  • Garlic
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • The flowers on the chilli and eggplants are becoming more numerous.


  • Limes and the last of the mandarins
  • The last of the passionfruit
  • The last of the snow and snap peas
  • Tomatoes – Roma & Rapunzel
  • Broccoli
  • Beetroot
  • Carrots
  • Rhubarb
  • Lettuce
  • The occasional chillies, asparagus, strawberries, and eggplants
  • A variety of herbs including parsley, coriander, thyme, dill, rosemary, and oregano

Things to do:

  • Dig up the sweet potatoes and see what’s there (fingers crossed).
  • Hope to get another row or 2 of carrots in before the rainy season.
  • Fertilize, compost and mulch around the fruit trees.
  • Pop in some more lettuce.
  • Probably pull out the peas as they finish and dig these nitrogen rich little fellows into the soil.
  • Closely watch the seeds I’ve planted and cross my fingers they’ll grow!


planted seeds


8 thoughts on “Seeds

  1. Your garden sounds very productive, good luck with the seeds and sweet potato. Your potato plants are looking very lush. I hope to see you again for next month’s Garden Share Collective.


  2. Thanks for joining the collective, it is always lovely to discover a new garden. Lucky you, harvesting tomatoes now! I am very envious of the QLD weather. It is always a little gamble when deciding on when the exact right time to plant the seeds isn’t it? But that is half the fun. I love the way the image descriptions pop up on your site when you hover near an image, that is very neat. Thanks for sharing your garden, I look forward to seeing the growth next month. Happy growing.


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